Katerina Kalyvioti

Katerina Kalyvioti

Dr. Kalyvioti is a California Board licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and an ASHA-certified member with more than twelve years of professional experience. She has worked in
a variety of settings including private practice and public schools

She has serviced pre-K to 12th grade students that exhibit mild-to-severe speech and language disorders. She provides in-person and virtual services that include (early) intervention, evidence-based treatments, comprehensive assessments, trainings, and consultation. Dr. Kalyvioti works closely with students, families, caregivers, (school) staff and interdisciplinary IEP teams

She is certified in Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC) Assessments by the Diagnostic Center, Southern California and in Assistive Technology (AT) applications by the California State University, Northridge. She is also trained in the use and incorporation of picture exchange systems such as PECS® and Makaton. 

She has experience in a variety of low-tech to high-tech communication systems and devices, including Speech-Generating Devices (SGD). Other certifications include the UCLA PEERS® Young Adult and Telehealth certification (USA and International certified provider) and the supervision of graduate SLPs for their RPE/CFY accreditation (Chapman University, Orange CA)

Dr. Kalyvioti received her B.A. in ‘Speech-Language Pathology’ and M.S. in ‘Dyslexia and the Use of Technologies’ with honors. In 2021 she earned her Ph.D. in ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and the Use of Virtual Reality Technologies’. She has been a Laboratory Associate for five years in her graduating Speech and Language Department where she taught Developmental Language Disorders and Voice Disorders to undergraduate students. She also supervised various clinical/school settings and served as a chair and advisor of thesis committees. Dr. Kalyvioti has presented her research in European and US conferences (DSAI, iLRN). She has published articles in international peer-reviewed journals (IEEE, J. UCS, THESTE, Procedia Computer Science) getting more than 75 citations. Lastly, she has received two ASHA Awards
for Continuing Education (ACE)