Solutions for Schools

Efficient and Effective Substitute to On-Site Therapy and Education

According to a recent ASHA school survey, on an average a school-based therapist spends 68% of their work hours providing direct therapy. The rest of their time is spent on planning, reporting and travel. By automating the tasks of planning and reporting, and eliminating the travel time our therapists can invest their billable hours towards providing direct therapy, additionally they provide:

  • Customized reports post each session, detailing progress
  • Remote IEP and parent-teacher meeting attendance
  • Online backpack activities for students to practice skills between sessions. SEED Sessions has designed a unique virtual backpack with hundreds of activities targeting each communication disorder, provisioning students to progress quickly and effectively
  • The sessions in conjunction with thoughtful extras result in greater, faster gains for the student driving toward the goal – graduating them from their speech or occupational therapy program and empowering them to thrive in their daily life activities

Get the best value for the precious Special Education dollars:

  • Windshield Time (paid travel time, mileage and meals, therapy hours wasted on driving)
  • Reporting programs seldom seen by parents or used by caseload managers
  • Eliminate the need to repeatedly purchase updated therapy tools and supplies

Through SEED sessions virtual Special Education and related services, you can:

  • Eliminate Windshield Time: Therapists connect instantly to your students, regardless of geographic location
  • Avoid redundancy by optimizing caseloads: On-site therapy requires enough therapists to cover your caseload, which may lead to hiring in excess to manage fluctuations. SEED Sessions allows you to pay for only the therapy hours you use and adjust your services based on your changing needs
  • Streamline planning & reporting: SEED Sessions system allows therapists to reduce the amount of time spent on planning and reporting, while customizing each session to the needs of each student
  • Efficient use of billable time: Therapists spend an average of 85% of billed time in therapy with students in comparison to an average rate of 68% by traditional, on-site therapists
  • Use state-of-the-art tools & supplies: The SEED sessions white labelled teletherapy platform is constantly evolving and our therapists are aligned with the latest in therapy techniques. We bring the most innovative and effective therapy methods to you

Technology, Software, Apps and Online Testing Materials:

SEED Sessions provides state-of-the-art tools, technology, software, and apps, some of them include:

  • White Labelled TeleTherapy Platform ( HIPAA and FERPA compliant)
  • Laptop
  • Gamified Sessions by Design and Powered by AI 
  • Apps (AAC, Language and Auditory processing, Articulation, Cognition etc.)
  • Online Therapy and Testing Materials (CELF 5-full battery), GFTA 3, CASL 2, SSI-4, CELF 5 screener, Receptive one-word vocabulary test and Expressive one-word picture vocabulary test)