Marvel Philip

Marvel Philip

SEED Sessions was founded by Marvel Philip, a trained Physical Therapist. Marvel is also the founder of EdTheory,LLC and currently serves as the CEO. EdTheory is an NPA, certified by the California Department of Education and provides special education and related services support to schools across U.S

Marvel holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. He completed his Post-Graduate Certification in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation at the University of Chester,UK. He has over 12 years of successful experience working for small, mid-size to large sized corporations catering to US Special Educational, Behavioral& Mental Health Services. Prior to establishing heserved as the Director of Recruitment at AlphaVista Services (now a therapy brand of The Stepping Stones Group) and was instrumental in recruiting 100+ U.S. local and international therapists, special educators to serve the school system. With a background in Physical Therapy, he rose through the ranks to head the school recruitment operations of AlphaVista Services and was instrumental in its growth.

Under Marvel’s vision and leadership, the number of therapists and special educators working at EdTheory has tripled in the last two years. Marvel has extensive experience in international hiring and immigration matters. Going beyond the leadership, growth, and training of staff, he is involved in the day- to- day operations of the businesses. 

Marvel is part of the founding team of TejasAsia (a reputed nonprofit organization) and is involved in all the organization’s decision-making processes, expansion plans & upcoming projects with a focus on special education and healthcare. As part of Marvel’s vision, he took the initiative to launch a rural community based special education program called ProjectHope in April 2018 with the help of TejaAsia ( )This program is aimed at ensuring children with special needs from low income families have access to special education materials, therapy resources, and technologies

Marvel spends his free time with his wife and their four-year-old son, loves traveling, and enjoys the outdoors.